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Serv A Charge is a division of Intuitive Concepts Inc. offering leading edge device charging products enabling establishments to build brand strength in the form of gratuity.

Our solutions solve a common problem in that your customers phones are often in the need of charging which can interfere with keeping them coming in, remaining captive or simply feeling content. Our commitment is to offer products that empower you to build brand loyalty while growing sales by keeping your customers happy.  Let your customer charge their phone while getting your message out allows for higher sales while strengthening loyalty.

We also offer full service development and customization.  So, give us a call and let us know about your specific needs and we’ll partner to bring you a robust solution.

There are so many ways to use a Serv-A-Charge charger.  (Also spelled servacharge or serveacharge!)  The models hp100 and hp-100-L menu holders are basically table tents that charge phones.  Also, think of them as a plastic menu holder or a table top menu.

Tabletop menu holders are widely used in restaurants.  So, really it's a menu for food or drinks.  Bar and grill style restaurants are a common place to find our phone chargers as well.

Your restaurant menu design is important.  So, we also have products for digital signage on our other website.  Here's a link:

Often times, a dinner menu is really just a clear acrylic display or a menu cover.  What's different is that our acrylic sign holders can also charge iPhones, Samsung phones, and many other brands.  This is because table top sign holders have USB ports.  So charge any device you want on our table menu holders.

Menu holders for restaurants with USB charging abilities are very rare.  So, we're proud of our acrylic menu holders.  How often do you see a clear plastic display that is also a charging station?  Not too often!

So, call it a acrylic menu holder, or call it a USB phone charger... or call it both!  We also hear them called acrylic display stands or a card holder display.  But the important thing to remember is that most everything we manufacture is also a phone charging station.

We first started making plastic sign holders, then, added battery powered charging capabilities.  Acrylic display signs or a similar plastic display sometimes sit on the table.  Or, sometimes, for example, a restaurant menu stand is a floor stand charger.  So, there are table-top displays and floor stand displays.  We have both.

So, whether you have a bar-and-grill, or just a bar, or a restaurant or any other venue like a waiting room at a dentist office, hospital, car dealership.  We have a cell phone charger station / acrylic sign display for you.

Have questions or need volume pricing?

Please call:  1-608-509-4523

Have questions or need volume pricing?

Please call:  1-608-509-4523

Call now: 1-608-509-4523

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